December 2021

Happy Holidays! Welcome back to Optimal Wellness, a health and wellness platform dedicated to helping YOU live a healthy and well-balanced life. Optimal Wellness is getting very excited our first wellness retreat held in Montezuma, Costa Rica. Co-hosted by Allison Yanci, Andrew Steele, and Kevin Karas from Elevate Akron. Costa Rica is an ideal place to discover yourself, disconnect, heal, learn, and explore how to live in “optimal wellness” for 100+ years. Please click here to apply and learn more!!

Intuitive Flow

Every month you will receive a free video! This month features an Intuitive Flow with Allison. If you have been enjoying these videos filmed in Costa Rica, you might be a perfect retreat attendee!

This Months Resources

What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine is a topic that we will be discussing on the retreat. It is an approach to wellness that combines:

  • Conventional (traditional Western) medicine, which includes drugs, surgery and lifestyle changes.
  • Complementary medicine, therapies that are not part of traditional Western medicine. Care may include chiropractic therapy, yoga, meditation and more.

Integrative medicine helps maximize wellness for people with chronic and complex diseases. It combines conventional and complementary medicine practices. Integrative medicine uses a variety of techniques to deliver whole-person care. Complementary therapies work with traditional treatments to heal your mind, body, and spirit. Complementary therapies do not replace conventional treatments. They help you cope with symptoms, complications, or side effects. To learn more from the Cleveland Clinic click here or reach out to our personal Integrative Medicine Doctor, Dr. Sandra Darling.

Facts & Myths About Water

Water, one of the most abundant compounds in the world is also a massive, money-making industry. If you find yourself confused by all the options—distilled, purified, spring and so on—you’re not the only one! Learn two common myths about water, the difference between various water options (and what’s FDA regulated) and get thorough information about hard vs. soft water.

MYTH #1: Pure H2O is what’s best for our bodies.

REALITY: While theoretically water is H2O, in practice we don’t encounter water containing only hydrogen and oxygen. Pure H2O is quite a reactive compound, due to its polarity or charge. It specifically hungers after other charged particles, or ions, and readily grabs them out of the air, ground, or surfaces it touches. . Only under very controlled laboratory circumstances is water ever only H2O. As soon as it touches air, it ionizes. If somehow you were to bathe with or drink this deionized water, the water would grab ions out of your skin, teeth, and other tissues, depleting them of essential minerals.

MYTH #2: Water has a neutral pH of 7.

REALITY: Only pure H2O has a neutral pH of 7. The water you experience coming out of your tap or bottle or filter will likely have a slightly acidic or slightly alkaline pH. Whatever ions the water has picked up, plus anything else dissolved in this most universal of solvents, changes the pH.

If you want to learn more about the different kinds of water, hard versus soft water, water softeners, and more click here!

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