Elle Ridgway

“Allison is such a positive, patient, and happy presence! She makes every yoga class very welcoming and open! Allison’s classes go far beyond just a workout as you will always leave with a lesson in healing, acceptance, forgiveness, and contentment. She is so knowledgeable in what she does and very encouraging to everyone she works with! A great yoga teacher but an even greater person! Thank you Allison!”

Lisa Sajka

“Allison is very knowledgeable and professional. She listens and adapts to her clients’ needs to achieve their personal goals. Her warm personality and passion for healthy living make her classes so enjoyable.”

Sara Gerdy

“Working with Allison has been such a positive experience. Her expertise combined with her great attitude has made me love and look forward to our sessions. She is a great teacher, motivator and person. She makes me feel confident and empowered to reach my goals.”

Alea Barr

“Allison’s sparkling personality makes it so fun to work out with! She is totally able to work within your comfort zone but still pushes your limits! She is brilliant and is an amazing teacher and person.”

Riley Potts

​“Allison carries a very calm and grounding presence in her yoga classes and trainings. She remains professional while being humble & relatable, creating a welcoming place for all students to grow! I have found her teaching style to allow me room for advancement while still being accessible to all levels. Her acro yoga training was the first time my friend & I had ever tried acro & we’ve been practicing for two years since with success, thanks to Allison’s thorough description of foundational poses! 

Catherine Lentini

“Allison is a joy to work with and I love taking her yoga classes at One Love Yoga in Kent, OH. Her teaching style combines challenging (but rewarding!) workouts with a deep respect for the non-physical, spiritual side of yoga. Her classes are always expertly sequenced and she provides options for modifications without judgment or ego.”

Kayla Morehead

​Allison is an amazing teacher, both in yoga and strength training! She is very knowledgeable and supportive. She truly cares about her students and will challenge you to push yourself to grow stronger in a sustainable way. It also helps that she is an absolute joy to be around!

Jessica Hughes

“I met Allison when I was studying at Kent State University. She has such positive energy and you can tell she is so passionate about helping others. I took her yoga and circuit classes every single week and always looked forward to them so much. Allison helped me learn patience and mental strength in my yoga practice, which was something I had struggled with for years. Her classes make you feel excited to exercise and give you the motivation to create a healthy life for yourself. I know Allison will achieve great things.”

Leah Cavanaugh

​I first met Allison when taking her Women’s Weight Training course through Kent State University. She soon became one of my favorite people to learn from. She always provided a comfortable space that allowed us the confidence and motivation we needed to succeed in bettering ourselves. I was eager to continue learning from Allison and followed her to the yoga studio. Her practice is powerful and rewarding. She will guide you along the way but leaves you in control of your mind and body. She is strong, genuine and determined. When working with Allison you quickly adopt these same qualities. More recently Allison has brought a group of us together to practice handstands, which has become a fun yet challenging hobby that we all share. She continues to offer support and stays connected even when we aren’t practicing together. Allison is a teacher, motivation, and friend you won’t regret bringing into your life! 

Abbe Marchetta

“Allison Yanci is a phenomenal fitness instructor and guru! She is so lovely, dedicated, and compassionate about health and wellness and for her clients as well. She teaches and trains with well thought out plans to accommodate every request you may have. Not only is she an incredible teacher, but she also goes above and beyond to make sure that you feel comfortable in her class. I am forever grateful to have taken so many of her classes throughout the past couple of years. Also, she is the best source for delicious vegan recipes, tips and tricks alike!”

Brittany Harter

“Allison pushed me to do things I thought I couldn’t do but I really could! She is also really fun and always has a smile on her face”

Kristen Kubek

“You’ve helped me achieve my goals and de-stress during the week. Over the semester, your classes were a routine I looked forward to. Some of the best workouts I’ve ever done!”

Skyler Mtrey

“Allison truly is the best of the best. When I decided to start working with a trainer, I was nervous that they would be judgey, put me through workouts I didn’t want to do, etc. When I got to work with Allison I realized how wrong I was! She is so knowledgeable and will always make sure you’re comfortable and is so beyond respectful. I recommend her over anyone else!! “

Matthew Shank

“I have taken many Yoga Basics classes with Allison and she is awesome. She is always so welcoming to all levels of students and creates a relaxing, encouraging, stress-free environment. And although it is a basics class, she never teaches the exact same session twice, making it interesting as well as challenging. Highly recommend!!”

Christina Iafano

“Allison is a wonderful trainer. She is very knowledgeable about all things fitness. I work full time and my schedule tends to change on a semi-regular basis. Allison is always willing to accommodate my schedule, which is extremely helpful for me to meet my fitness goals. I would highly recommend hiring her as a personal trainer!”

Cassie Geissinger

“I had the pleasure of taking Allison’s total body conditioning class at Kent State’s Rec Center. It is honestly the most fun I’ve ever had working out. Her class was the perfect balance for me – fun and challenging.”

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