Costa Rica Wellness Retreat

Lodging: Chez Mu is nestled on a hilltop above Montezuma. The Villa offers tropical luxury at its finest. Custom built to the highest standards, with a spectacular pool, ocean view and modern outdoor living furnishings. The house has a large outdoor living area with a private pool, bbq, and lounge chairs. See the video below and check out their Airbnb listing here.

See some frequently asked questions below!

In order to secure your spot, please apply at the bottom of this page. Once we have been in contact and you have committed, we will ask for a $400 nonrefundable deposit and your flight information.

Chez Mu Luxury Villa

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the cost?⁣⁣
* Prices are from $1600-$2200, depending on room choice. ⁣⁣
2. What does the retreat cost include? ⁣⁣
* Yoga/meditation twice a day, daily breakfast, afternoon workshops, 2 excursions, beach time, connection to nature, & more!⁣⁣
3. What am I responsible for?⁣⁣
* Flight, shuttle, & most meals outside of breakfast.⁣⁣
4. How do I fly for free or at a discount?⁣⁣
* Credit card bonuses! We have flown to and from Costa Rica 4 times without paying for flights. Let us know if you want to learn how you can earn miles and fly for free! ⁣⁣
5. What airport should I fly into?⁣⁣
* San Jose.⁣ Liberia would be your second option.
6. How do I get from the airport to Montezuma?⁣⁣
* We usually take a shuttle for about $50-60 each way. It’s a 5 hour ride and you will also be getting on a ferry. The shuttle driver will take you to the ferry port, give you your tickets, tell you who to look for on the other side, & you’ll walk on with your belongings. Once you arrive and find your driver, they take you the rest of the way. You can also do a short flight from San Jose to Tambor that is about 20-30 minutes and about $200. The Tambor airport is 35 minutes from the villa. ⁣⁣You will have to get a taxi from Tambor to Montezuma.
* If you get to San Jose any later than 1:00 pm it would be best to stay there a night and catch a morning shuttle. ⁣⁣Arriving to Costa Rica 1-2 days before the retreat begins is ideal!
7. Are there any deals?⁣⁣
* 10% off if you refer a friend to sign up⁣⁣.
* 20% off if you are a Costa Rican local⁣⁣.
7. What are the excursions?⁣⁣
* Montezuma waterfall – we will walk to the trailhead and then hike down to the waterfall. We will sit by the waterfall, swim in the water, hangout, & relax.⁣
* Turtle island – we will hop on a boat right from the beach, see the dolphin pods, snorkel, go to the island for lunch and free time, & get back on the boat to head back to the beach. ⁣⁣
8. What are the workshops?⁣⁣
* A breathing workshop, an inversion/acro workshop, an integrative medicine/anti-inflammatory diet workshop, and a full body conditioning workout. We will encourage all to participate, but each workshop is optional!

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