January 2024

Happy new year! We hope you are enjoying the start of 2024. Recently we read a quote and wanted to share it with you all. It says: “Every year you make a resolution to change yourself. This year make a resolution to be yourself.” This year we want to encourage you to be your most true and authentic self! Be unapologetic for who you are, what you believe, and how you live your life. You might even invite in the practice of Satya, or truthfulness.

Buckle in for this months topic…it is a deep rabbit hole!

This Month’s Resources

Methylene Blue

What the heck is methylene blue? Our new favorite biohack! We learned about it from neurosurgeon, circadian biology and longevity expert, and decentralized doctor, Jack Kruse.

Methylene Blue (MB) was invented in 1876 as a chemical dye for the textile industry. MB dyed jeans were a thing in the late 19th century. However its use solely as a textile dye would be short lived. In 1891 scientists Paul Ehrlich discovered that MB was anti-parasitic. This discovery led MB to become a treatment for Malaria…thus becoming the FIRST synthetic drug ever used for medicinal purposes. But MB was just getting started…as scientists were realizing its potential was seemingly widespread. MB became popular in the 20th century for treating: Malaria, UTIs, Psychosis, and Cyanide/CO poisoning as well as for: bacteriologic staining and fish tank cleaning. MB is an monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI), which is an enzyme that breaks down neurotransmitters in the brain like serotonin. Methylene blue supports the mitochondrial function in a cell, and has shown to improve: mood, focus, energy, memory and more!

In January of 2021, scientists found that MB inhibited SARS-COV-2 spike proteins…more effectively than Cholorquine & Suramin (also anti-parasitic drugs). It has also been a promising treatment option for cancer patients.

Benefits of Methylene Blue

What Methylene Blue actually is based on 100+ years of use in humans & 18,000+ scientific studies:

1. NEUROPROTECTIVE – Ongoing clinical trials suggest that methylene blue can be helpful for Alzheimer’s, can be used as an anti-depressant, has anti-bipolar effects, showed anti-schizophrenia properties, has anti-Parkinson’s properties, has anti-anxiety properties, improves stroke recovery, and improves TBI recovery helping to protect the brain from oxidative stress and damage.

2. BRAIN MITOCHONDRIAL ENHANCER – Almost all of the neuroprotective benefits listed above are a result of MB’s ability to: reduce nitric oxide (too much is bad), reduce oxidative stress (antioxidant), donate electrons in mitochondria, increase the number of mitochondria, and recycle old/damaged mitochondria. As a result of this, Methylene Blue can: reduce neuroinflammation, increase neurogenesis (BDNF), restore GDNF in Parkinson’s, fortify blood-brain barrier, and improve cerebral blood flow. Methylene Blue can also inhibit MAO-A enzymes and to a lesser extent MAO-B enzymes. This boosts levels of dopamine, norepinephrine, & serotonin

3. COGNITIVE ENHANCER – But Methylene Blue isn’t just a neuroprotective agent It’s also an cognitive-enhancer. In human studies, MB has been shown to: improve attention span, improve short-term memory, and enhance fear extinction (Anxiety/PTSD).

4. ANTI-MICROBIAL & IMMUNOMODULATORY – MB isn’t just a nootropic, it’s actually one of the world’s best anti-microbial agents. It improves COVID-19 treatment, pulled C19 patients off respirators, inhibits SARS-CoV-2 replication, inhibits H1N1 (a type of influenza virus) replication, and cures malaria in about 48 hours. MB kills parasites & fungal infections, may have anti-cancer properties, and reduces chemotherapy side effects. When it’s combined with light, MB: Inactivates herpes virus, inactivates zika virus, reduces Hepatitis A & C levels, reduces ebola infectivity, and reduces HIV-1 to undetectable levels.

5. SKIN ENHANCEMENT– Very underrated skincare tool and superior to Vitamin C + Retinol. It is recommended to use MB tallow balm for skin. It can aid in wound healing, have anti-inlammatory effects, it can be used in photodynamic therapy (red/infared light  treatment that involves the use of light-activated substances to target and treat specific cells), and it has antioxidant properties (it may help protect the skin from oxidative stress, this could be relevant in the context of aging and skin damage caused by free radicals). Gene expression analysis showed that MB treatment altered the expression of a subset of extracellular matrix proteins in the skin, including upregulation of elastin and collagen 2A1, two essential components for healthy skin.

Where do you get it?

We get ours from Meraki Medicinal. It is 100% USP Grade Lab Verified Methylene Blue, in a 30 ml bottle with a 1 ml dropper. It is tested for heavy metals and impurities. We recently got a discount code for ourselves and all of you. Use this link and the code A_YANCI11 at checkout for 15% off.

Check out this thread posted by the owner of Meraki Medicinal to learn more from some studies done on the benefits of methylene blue. Learn more about dosage here.

*MB is not to be mixed with antidepressants and is not intended for anyone nursing, pregnant, or under the age of 18. Keep it away from your eyes and immediately wash surfaces or clothing if spilled (remember, this is a dye). PLEASE consult with your doctor before trying anything new.*

I want to learn more!

There’e also an excellent article called: Methylene Blue And Red Light Therapy For Dementia, Parkinson’s, And Alzheimer’s Disease. Learn more about red light from a previous email blast here.

This hour long podcast unfolds the purposes, benefits, and best practices of methylene blue.

What should I expect after trying methylene blue? Most notice an increase in energy, focus, and mood almost immediately after trying. A sense of well-being is an easy way to explain the feeling! Some people start to notice the effects after a few days or when they increase the amount of drops.

Do you have to put in on your tongue? No! Methylene blue will temporarily stain anything it touches and some don’t want a blue mouth for hours. You can mix with with water or juice (OJ works best to reduce the blue color) and still get the same benefits.

We have yet to read the following book but felt it was our duty to share it with those who want to dig a little deeper into this biohack.

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