October 2022

We are delighted you are here and hope you are taking advantage of the beautiful fall weather! As the holidays approach, don’t forget, you can gift our monthly or yearly yoga subscription. Optimal Wellness’s yoga subscription brings you yoga from beautiful destinations around the world. Classes vary in length, style, and level so there is a class for everyone to enjoy. You can signup here and reply to this email with any questions.

This Month’s Resources

What Alcohol Does to You

What alcohol does to your body, brain, and health. What an informative podcast! As Dr. Andrew Huberman says in this episode “personal choice is personal choice.” Just like him, I’m not here to judge or tell you what/what not to do. Simply here to share and inform. I learned so much about how the body reacts to alcohol, why/how hangovers happen, and that just 10 grams of alcohol can increase cancer risk by 4-13%, especially breast cancer.

Here’s the summary of what he covers: “In this episode, I discuss the physiological effects that drinking alcohol has on the brain and body at different levels of consumption and over time. I also describe genetic differences that predispose certain individuals to alcoholism, binge and habit-drinking. I explain alcohol metabolism in simple terms and how it effectively acts as a poison, leading to cellular stress and damage. I then explain that it impacts neuronal function and changes our thinking and behavior – hallmarks of inebriation. I also discuss how alcohol consumption of different amounts impacts inflammation, stress, neurodegeneration, and cancer risk and negatively impacts the gut microbiome, brain thickness, hormone balance, mood and feelings of motivation. Additionally, I discuss the biology of hangovers and describe science-based strategies to mitigate the severity of a hangover. Since alcohol is one of the most widely consumed recreational substances, this episode ought to be of relevance to everyone. Indeed, even low-to-moderate alcohol consumption negatively impacts the brain and body in direct ways. The goal of this episode is to help people make informed decisions about their alcohol consumption that are in keeping with their mental and physical health goals.”

Autobiography of a Yogi

A must read for yogis near and far! A book that has changed it all, written by a very important person who brought yoga to the west.

“A book about masters of yoga and saints, written by someone who was himself a master of yoga and a saint. This is an unusual and unique book. Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda talks about miracles, the yogic teachings, and the teachings of Jesus Christ in a modern way — a way that is easy to understand and even entertaining. For someone interested in spirituality, or even just alternate ways of looking at life, it’s incredibly illuminating. The world is a different place than it would have been without this book. The New Age movement in the West, the impact the book has had on leaders in many fields, and the rise in the practice of yoga and meditation are due in large part to Yogananda’s influence and the influence of his autobiography. Sometimes people read it and have their life turned around entirely. It’s a book that, like other scripture, inspires life-long devotion.”

Sledding in the Gym

Remember the “Knees Over Toes Guy” from April’s email? If you are trying to bullet proof your knees, prevent injury, and build strength, sledding might be for you! After watching his many of his videos, he has become a great resource to us. We decided to incorporate sledding into our workout routine about 4-5 times per week because of the benefits. Learn more about those benefits in a brief video here.


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